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At Healing Spirit Song we seek to provide avenues for healing with our Intuitive Health Readings, Healing Visualizations and Healing Allies guidance. Before long we will have more guidance for working with healing allies, and a section on tools for healing. 

There is much that needs healing in the world today, from our physical well being, to our interpersonal relationships, to interactions we have with the natural world and its dwellers. Healing in its myriad manifestations can cure the sick, comfort the troubled child and calm the anxious soul. It can bring well being to our planet, restore our streams and rivers, cleanse our air and restore balance to our ecosystems. 

The scope of healing is vast yet small moments in healing create far reaching ripples. Healing can manifest in miraculous "cures" or can be enigmatic and subtle. Real healing is about more than just "fixing" things, relieving symptoms and curing disease. It is even about more than alleviating suffering. Is it about establishing harmonious Relationship. As my mentor Loren Cruden says in her book, Compass of the Heart, "Healing is a restoration of implicit well-being." The path to healing can be a long one, yet a healing can happen in an instantaneous moment of clarity. 

While there are fantastic technologies available in western medicine and the array of therapeutic modalities in alternative medicine becomes more accessible every day, healing personal disturbances still proves elusive for many. People are looking for that something "more" that goes beyond, digs deeper than conventional medical and alternative methodology. 

One doorway to healing is in reestablishing an authentic relationship with the natural world. One path for this can be found in our healing visualizations. Enacting them can deepen awareness of and alliance with the Earth, her elements and inhabitants. The Healing Visualizations page has links to several visualizations with nature sounds that can be read and enacted while sitting at your desk. 

Our developing Healing Allies page has guidance for working with allies from nature, from animals and plants to stones and elements. Going deeper into the world of alliance helps us understand and engage in a healing way with our fellow earth energies and residents. It helps us recognize that their purpose goes beyond our use of them; they have lives and paths of their own. This helps foster interdependence and mutual well being in the web of life.

On our Stories and Articles page we have a blog that has incidents from my own journey that illustrate healing and realization moments that you may find resonance with. Knowing that we are not alone in our struggles is a step towards healing. Also find there articles about many aspects of metaphysics, healing and intuition that may prove helpful or informative.

Access to energetic Information in the body can be provided by an intuitive health reading. This can be a means to access causal forces, energy blockages and areas of concern not perceptible with conventional diagnostics. Information about our service can be found on the Intuitive Health Readings link on the main menu including cost, what is included and the process of the reader.

The coming Tools for Healing page will have applied practices that individuals can employ for the progression of their own healing.

Please tour our site and avail yourself of the information that is presented to see if it helps you on your path to healing. Try a visualization or two and find some relaxation and alignment with an element of nature.

Blessings to All


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