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I am Alannah Hudis and am an intuitive reader and natural spirituality practitioner. I have been doing intuitive health readings for friends and their animals for several years and am now offering my service to the public. I have been involved with healing and have studied natural spirituality with my mentor Medicine Woman Loren Cruden for the past several years. Loren is a remarkable teacher and woman with many years experience guiding others in their spiritual practice.

I discovered that I had the intuitive gift shortly before seeking guidance from Loren. Our association has helped me to develop this skill and has deepened my awareness of and alliance with many elements of the natural world. With encouragement from Loren and close friends and family, I am now offering these readings to you.

As mentioned above, I can do readings both for people and for animals. Permission to read a person or an animal is a requirement. I will not "look" at anyone who does not desire it, and this includes our animal friends. If you request a reading for your animal, I will proceed and in the process will ask the animal if they are comfortable with my energetic presence. Most animals I have worked with have been comfortable with being read. If for any reason, for animal or person, I am unable to do a reading, no payment will be expected and I will contact you right away to let you know.

Over the years I have explored many aspects of healing practices. I have worked with healing visualizations and allies and hope that the information on them presented on this site will aid those who seek counsel and help with their own healing practice.
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